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Openings Available

We have open positions in multiple facilities across the United States. Contact us to see if you would be the right fit for the Premier Team.

Competitive Salary- contact us now to learn more about our innovative model

Billing with your phone- efficient billing will help you focus on being a doctor

Subacute Rehab, Long Term Acute Care Hospital, Acute Hospitals and Acute Rehab- we have positions available in a range of facilities

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Hands on training in order to provide each individual with the skills they need to succeed. Our team will assist you in the complex environment of medical documentation to ensure that you are compliant with medicare's changing rules and regulations.

Our Team

Each physician will have a mentor that works in a similar role. They will lead you through the intricacies of working independently.

The Premier Model

Contact us for more information about what makes us the premier service for connecting physicians with health care facilities

Premier Medical Rehab Group

Connecting physicians with Health Care Facilities

Premier Medical Rehab Group provides physicians with the tools needed in order to practice in the acute care, long term acute care, and post acute care setting.